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Customization Plate Heat Exchanger Package
ABJ series heat exchanger package is a complete set of district heating control equipment integrated with plate heat exchanger, circulating pump, makeup pump, thermometer, pressure gauge, various sensors, piping, valves and industrial controls. Equipped with replenishment system, constant pressure system, water treatment system, frequency conversion flow control system, calorimeter and network communication control system in order to achieve different grades of control function configuration requirements. Combining Accessen's leading technology with rich experience standing in the forefront of the industry matching units of accessories, such as pumps, valves and industrial control and others, allowing us to tailor fit the heat exchange unit to the user's condition for better performance. The user simply needs to connect four to five lines and a power cord to the unit's electrical control box, greatly reducing the workload, project costs, and ultimately shortening the whole process.

Central heating, air conditioning,domestic hot water, refrigeration, electricity, industrial water cooling andheating and other custom cooling system.

Main Features
Professional system design.

Compact design which saves floor spaceand infrastructure costs.

Smart design, remote monitoring.

Great operating experience.

Reliable selection of components.
Professional and reliable service team,quick response time and a lifetime warranty.

Professional training for operators.

Maximum capacity: 2500m³ / h

Maximum design pressure: 25bar

Maximum design temperature: 150 ℃
Platematerial: 304, 316, 316L

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