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Duplex Oil Cooler Package
Double structured, two efficient detachable plate oil cooler of the same area and three-way valve device structure, a working one and a spare, each cooler can bear the cooling load of the entire system. It is easy to clean, inspect and maintain during operation.

It is suitable for oil cooling system onturbine generator package, compressor unit, fan unit, pump unit and petrochemicalindustry, also known as generator unit cooler, compressor unit cooler, fan oilcooler and pump unit oil cooler

Main Features
Requires Smaller space, saving area andinstallation costs.
Lower initial investment.
Reduced scaling.

Easy to be cleaned.

Efficient heat transfer.

Less cooling water to save energy.

High safety and reliability, toavoiding the heat exchanger type of leakage

Maximum capacity: 300m³ / h
Maximum design pressure: 16bar
Maximum design temperature: 110 ℃
Platematerial: 304, 316, 316L

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