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Plate Condenser
The plate condenser was developed based of the advantages of a plate heat exchanger. The energy-efficient condenser, ACS-Cond, consistsing of a small condensate outlet and a large steam inlet, is specially designed for vacuum and optimal condensation. This plate type has narrow flow paths on both sides, large gaps on the steam side and small gaps on the cold water side. This maintains a very low pressure drop at the steam end, while the cooling water side maintains at a constant velocity and end flow. Therefore, the extent of fouling is minimized while the heat transfer efficiency is maximized.

Various types of food and beverage,pharmaceutical biology, natural organic matter and chemical smelting industry.

Main Features
Counter-current heat transfer smallmargin.
Save space and installation costs.
Easy to cleaned.
Reduced scaling.
Low initial investment.

Maximum capacity: 1500m³ / h
Maximum design pressure: 16bar

Maximum design temperature: 200 ℃

Platematerial: 304L, 316, 316L

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