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Plate and Shell Heat Exchanger
All-welded shell and plate heat exchanger plate is a new high-efficiency heat exchanger for high temperature, high pressure applications. This heat exchanger has a simple structure. It consists of a shell, a heat exchanger plate set, flange, a cover and a support, which combine the advantages of the high efficiency detachable type and the shell and tube high temperature and pressure type. Compared to the all welded plate and frame heat exchanger, it is able to withstand higher temperature and pressure, thus being able to effectively replace the shell and tube heat exchanger.

Chemical, petrochemicalnatural gas, food, pharmaceutical, power station and other industries.

Main Features
Retains the heat transfercharacteristics of the detachable heat exchanger.
Low fouling coefficient.


Maximum capacity: 2500m³ / h

Maximum design pressure: 60bar
Maximum design temperature: 500 ℃
Platematerial: AISI304L, 316L, Titanium, Hasetlloy, SMO254

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