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Duo-Safety Plate Heat Exchanger
Safety double-walled plate heat exchanger is welded along the perimeter of each pair of plates by two thin plates. For example, when a possible leakage occurs due to prolonged use of perforations can be detected externally to prevent the two media from mixing. Combined with the double seal of the gaskets, mixing of the media is avoided and it is suitable for applications requiring high hygiene standards or industrial safety and reliability. As the two plates are welded together to form one plate, it is unavoidable to reduce the heat transfer coefficient of the plate, but better security of the media in return.

Sanitary-grade water, purified waterand injectable pharmaceutical water, nuclear safety and other safety priorityapplications.

Main Features
Ensures the two media do not mix.
Leakage can be visually detected.

Double plate laser welding.

Maximum capacity: 300m³ / h
Maximum design pressure: 25bar
Maximum design temperature: 150 ℃
Platematerial: 304,316,316L

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