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Marine Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger
Reliable, efficient, environmentally friendly, compact and easy to maintain, meeting from the most basic to the most demanding marine and offshore engineering equipment requirements. AU, AP, AS, AN four series of more than 30 varieties of heat exchanger to ensure that the ship’s heat exchanger meets each operating conditions (central cooler / liner water cooler / oil cooler / fuel oil cooler / air conditioner Etc.) requirements. respectively, can be given the most reliable and efficient solutions, making the normal operation of the ship cooling system for long-term protection. Optional heat exchanger attachment configurations (interface metal flanging, marine pressure and temperature gauge, rear insert filters, etc.) provides more better service to shipyards and owners.

Applicable to all processes of the shipbuilding industry.

Main Features

Advanced board design, efficient andenvironmentally friendlier

High-quality sheet for higherreliability.
Global after-sales service system, maintenance with apeace if mind.
Good and reliable seal, thus reducingleakage.


Maximum interface diameter: 3000m³ / h
Maximum design pressure: 16bar
The highest temperature: 150 ℃
Plate material: Titanium, 304, 316, 316L
Gasket material: NBR, EPDM

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