Design Expert Group of Shanghai Institute of Architectural Design Visits Accessen Factory

Design Expert Group of Shanghai Institute of Architectural Design Visits Accessen Factory

17 Jan 2019

On the afternoon of November 16, 2018, a team of experts and designers from Shanghai Architectural Design Research Institute Co., Ltd. arrived at Xiechun Road Factory and Taicang Factory in Jiading District, Shanghai, to visit and inspect Accessen's heat exchanger products, production equipment and advanced manufacturing and processing technology.

Accessen's technical team introduced Accessen's plate heat exchangers, heat exchangers and outdoor container heat exchangers in detail. Accessen has a series of plate heat exchangers with different applications such as AU, AS, AN, AP, AC, different corrugated plates and advanced structural design. Through combination, it can meet the needs of abundant application conditions. It has excellent performance in many landmark buildings such as T3 terminal of Capital Airport, China Pavilion of Shanghai World Expo, Mercedes-Benz Cultural Center, Shanghai World Trade Deep Pit Hotel and so on. The unique innovative design, scientific and rational layout, overall supply, unattended, remote monitoring and other characteristics of outdoor container heat exchanger station attract the attention of designers, and share the successful application experience in Beijing Tongzhou sub-center, Shanxi Wutai Mountain, Hebei Langfang, and Tibet Ali area, etc., which has won the unanimous praise of experts.

Subsequently, the designers visited the production workshops of Xiechun Road and Taicang Factory respectively. In the production workshops, designers had close contact with plate heat ex-changers, heat ex-changers, outdoor magic cube container heat ex-changer stations and other products, hand-touching heat ex-changer plates, also made a lot of valuable suggestions. During the visit, the advanced production equipment of Exxon factory, including electrophoretic painting production line and automatic welding robot, full performance test platform of heat ex-changer unit, E-cloud intelligent energy system, perfect unit testing, automatic cutting of robot, welding production line and painting production line, left a deep impression on the designer and made everyone feel the intellectualization of modern industry and the sense of science and technology in production. Through this field visit and technical exchanges, the designers of Shanghai Academy had a better understanding and recognition of the technical strength and corporate culture of Exxon Company. It also provided more choices for new products and new design concepts, better integration of technology and products, and better development of the industry.

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