First Summit Forum on Cogeneration + Clean Heating

First Summit Forum on Cogeneration + Clean Heating

17 Jan 2019

"Cogeneration of Heat and Power", "Clean Heating", "Coal to Electricity (Gas)" has become the key words for the development of the heating industry and even for the transformation and upgrading of energy structure. It is the core task of the thermal and heating enterprises to ensure people's livelihood to meet the heating demand and to save energy, reduce emissions and improve air quality. In the new situation, the challenges and opportunities coexist.

In order to summarize the technical problems, management problems and investment problems faced by the exchange thermal power and clean heating industry, a comprehensive clean heating scheme is constructed to promote the healthy development of the industry, based on the integration of "industrial policy and financial support, the status and future of technical schemes, advanced management concepts and processes, and the promotion and integration of industrial development". It is planned that the China Building Energy Conservation Association's Thermal Power and New Energy Industry Branch and the Geothermal Heating Technology Promotion Center of China Building Energy Conservation Association will hold the first "Cogeneration of Heat and Power + Clean Heating" Industry Development Summit Forum in Beijing from 11 to 13 January 2019, and the exhibition of engineering application results will be held at the same time.

Accessen was invited to attend the conference and delivered a keynote speech. The conference also invited the leaders of the relevant authorities of the pilot cities of clean heating in winter in northern China; managers and technicians of thermoelectric companies, heating companies, thermoelectric (power) design institutes, universities and other enterprises; relevant leaders of new and renewable energy development and utilization units; thermoelectric and new energy industries; and representatives of relevant manufacturers of new technologies and equipment for energy saving and emission reduction.

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Activity time: 11-13 January 2019
Exhibition venue: Changping Wendu Water City, Beijing
Hongfu Pioneer Park, North Seven Towns, Changping District, Beijing