"Green Refrigeration, Energy Conservation Innovation" Data Center Seminar was Held Smoothly

17 Jan 2019

The Shanghai symposium on energy saving technology of air conditioning and refrigeration in data center, was solemnly held on August 17, 2018 in the first floor of Shanghai Tongji Design Institute. The conference is sponsored by Saiermedia and China Designer Network, and co-sponsored by Tongji University Architectural Design Research Institute (Group) Co., Ltd., Huaxin Post and Telecommunications Consulting Design Research Institute Co., Ltd., and Shanghai ACCESSEN Group Co., Ltd.

Focusing on the theme of "Green Refrigeration, Energy Conservation Innovation", the conference was attended by well-known experts, designers and industry representatives from the national data center, and discussed and studied the energy-saving technology and application of air-conditioning and refrigeration in the green data center. Liu Dan, President of Saier-Media, Ma Weijun, Vice Chairman of Shanghai Committee of China Survey and Design Association Building Environment and Energy Application Branch, and Xu Huan, Director of HVAC Professional Committee of Tongji University Architectural Design Research Institute (Group) Co., Ltd., addressed the conference respectively. The conference also invited well-known enterprise experts to give academic presentations and share new energy-saving technologies of air conditioning and refrigeration in data centers.

As a leading provider of data center cooling solutions, ACCESSEN was invited to attend this conference and present a special report entitled " ACCESSEN board switching makes data center cooling more stable and more energy efficient". Several energy saving measures implemented by ACCESSEN in data center are introduced. Natural cooling -- free cooling, ice (water) storage system, intelligent integrated heat exchange unit, outdoor container heat exchange station -- mobile intelligent heat exchange station, customized on demand heat exchange solution for data center users. As the concept of "green" and "carbon reduction" enters into the environment of consumers and enterprises, the construction of green data center has become a new trend. Data center air conditioning refrigeration energy saving technology has become the key to build a green data center. After the meeting, the technical staff of ACCESSEN actively communicated with the experts attending the meeting and obtained their affirmation and support. Discussion on energy-saving technology of air conditioning refrigeration in green data center, realization of green refrigeration and construction of green data center are the embodiment of enterprises' social responsibility of energy conservation and emission reduction, and also the inevitable requirement for enterprises to achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase.

Some special reports are as follows:
Interpretation of Data Center Design Code (GB50174-2017)
Liu Ximing/Deputy General Manager, Jietong Smart Technology Co., Ltd.
Prospects for the Development of Data Centers
Made/Professor Senior Engineer, Vice Dean, Huaxin Consulting Design Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Energy Saving, Water Saving and Reliability of BAC Products
Liang Ronghua/Applied Technology Manager, BAC Company, USA
On the Importance of Operation and Maintenance in the Construction of Data Center
Li Gang/General Manager of Aftersales Department, Qingdao Henghua Computer Room Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd.
"Analysis and optimization of air distribution in data room in use"
Shen Limin/Senior Engineer, Shanghai Post and Telecommunications Design Consulting Research Institute Co., Ltd.