Sinopec Shanghai Engineering Pharmaceutical Food Expert Group Walks into Accessen Factory

Sinopec Shanghai Engineering Pharmaceutical Food Expert Group Walks into Accessen Factory

17 Jan 2019

On December 14, a team of designers and experts from Sinopec Shanghai Engineering Co., Ltd. (SSEC) visited the Shanghai Accessen Factory again. This time, the experts group of medicine and food specialty (the predecessor of SSEC is Shanghai Medical Design Hospital) took the lead in inspecting Accessen's heat transfer solutions and product applications in the field of medicine and food, and how to select heat transfer more efficiently. The solutions were discussed and exchanged in depth.

Accessen technicians introduced plate heat ex-changers, welded heat ex-changers and plate heat ex-changers to the expert group in detail, and shared with the experts the successful application cases and technical characteristics of Accessen products in the pharmaceutical and food industry. Lead the expert group into the production line of Xiechun Road and Taicang factories, watch the production and processing equipment of Accessen, understand the whole production process of plate heat ex-changer. The advanced automatic production equipment introduced by the company, including the global advanced electrophoretic coating production line and automatic welding robot, the full performance test platform of heat ex-changer unit, E-cloud intelligent energy system and other equipment, has aroused great interest of experts. This paper introduces the unique design of plate heat transfer technology based on Accessen core to the expert group. Different shapes and depths can be designed according to different working conditions in order to achieve the best heat transfer effect. Robot cutting and welding technology, to a greater extent, can ensure that the pipe size is accurate and welding quality is more stable. Electrophoretic coating production line can prolong the life of pipeline, have higher corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, reduce the characteristics of pipeline resistance and so on, which has been unanimously affirmed by experts.

Through this close communication and exchange, experts have a deeper understanding of Accessen's products and technology, grasp more precise in the future design selection, and provide better design for owners. Every exchange of technology is a collision of ideas. For Accessen, the suggestions put forward by the expert group are an important stepping stone for our development and progress. Accessen will continue to work hand in hand with the designers and experts of Sinopec Shanghai Project to create a green and energy-saving future.

Sinopec Shanghai Engineering Co., Ltd. (SSEC) is one of the earliest large-scale comprehensive survey and design units engaged in petrochemical and chemical engineering design in China. The main business areas are divided into three categories: petrochemical, chemical fibre, petrochemical; pharmaceutical and bio-energy chemical; environmental protection, electronics, textile food, natural gas storage and transportation engineering, etc. More than 8,000 projects have been completed at home and abroad, while keeping up with Shell, BP, Accessen Mobil, BASF, Bayer, Dow Chemical, Novatis, Squibb, Pfizer, Yang Sen, Glaxo, Bachtel, Fluor, Toyo, Chiyoda, Technip, JGC, Lugi, Amec, CTCI, CI, etc. Lummus, FW, TR, Aker and other international petrochemical, pharmaceutical industry giants, international famous engineering companies have cooperated in a series of major projects at home and abroad.