Accessen Double Wall Plate Heat Exchanger

Accessen Double Wall Plate Heat Exchanger

05 Sep 2019

Get total separation of primary and secondary fluids with the Double-Wall Plate Heat Exchanger from Accessen. The Plates create an air space, making leaks visible from outside. Leaks reach the atmosphere from between plates or from drain channels in the inlet/outlet areas. Media can't mix, and there's no risk of contamination. When plumbing codes require double-wall separation - or any time that's a critical element of a project - a Accessen Double Wall Plate Heat Exchanger is your best, most economical choice.

A double-wall heat exchanger can be assembled from almost any Accessen heat exchanger plates. Thus the units are available in the widest possible range of shapes and sizes. Like all Accessen products, they are also highly efficient, reliable, and easy to operate and maintain.

Applications for double wall heat exchangers

Use the Accessen Double-Wall Plate Heat Exchanger in any of these critical applications:

Domestic Hot Water
Milk and Cream Pasteurization
Chemical Industry Uses
Sanitary Water for Food Processing
Ultra-Pure Water
Pharmaceutical Industry Uses

Accessen, as an outstanding plate heat exchanger manufacturer, is equipped with advanced machinery such as automated robotic welding arms and being the first in the world to introduce electrophoresis coating in the production of heat exchange units.