Introduction to Plate Heat Exchanger

Introduction to Plate Heat Exchanger

13 May 2019

Working principle of plate heat exchanger

Plate heat exchanger is composed of a group of metal corrugated plates with openings, which form a channel for liquid flow. Heat will be transferred between the two liquids.The corrugated plates are assembled between a fixed plate and a movable compaction plate and are compacted by clamping bolts. These plates are equipped with sealing gaskets, which seal the inter-plate passage and make the liquid flow into the adjacent passage. The number of plates is determined by flow rate, physical properties of liquid and temperature changes. The joint can be located in the fixing plate and the compression plate. For multi-cell PHE, it can also be located in the connection board.

Frame of plate heat exchanger

The plate and the compaction plate are suspended from the upper bearing rod and positioned by the lower guide rod. They are fixed by the prop. The end bearing washer is installed on the tension bolt for disassembling and assembling the equipment. Both the frame and the pillar have adjustable braces. A device can contain multiple heat exchangers, which are separated by connecting plates with interchangeable interfaces.

Plate group of plate heat exchanger

The herringbone corrugation on the plate forms a channel between the plates, and each plate is supported on the adjacent plates. It also enhances turbulence, so it can conduct efficient heat transfer.

In order to achieve the best high heat transfer and high heat transfer efficiency at a given pressure drop, we can provide herringbone with different angles from Shanghai accessen group co., ltd. The unique distributary area allows the fluid to flow through the entire surface of the plate. The plate can be easily fixed in the frame by the Afravar suspension system. In addition, the steering rod at the corner provides a firm plate group. These plates are bidirectional and allow for parallel flow, which means that only one kind of gasket is needed.
Plate Heat Exchanger