Plate Shell Heat Exchanger

Plate Shell Heat Exchanger

09 May 2019

The plate shell heat exchanger technology is an important application direction of heat transfer plate technology in Shanghai accessen group co., ltd. Based on years of experience in the field of heat transfer plate design and manufacturing, we have unique heat transfer plate design and manufacturing technology.

Compared with traditional tube and tube technology, the plate shell heat exchanger technology has the following characteristics:
1. Uniform heat transfer temperature field arrangement can realize real uniform temperature control.

2. High heat transfer density and equal volume heat transfer area are more than two times of those of traditional tube technology.

3. The plate shell heat exchanger can be tailored into all imaginable shapes according to their requirements, which means that they can be perfectly integrated into new or renovated projects.

4. Most heat transfer fluids can be used for heat transfer: steam, hot water, cooling water, heat conducting oil, ethylene glycol, refrigerant, etc.

5. It has low pressure or low resistance drop design to meet the flow demand of heat transfer fluid.

6. SS304, SS316L, 2205, alloy and other materials can be selected to meet specific material requirements.

7. It can withstand internal pressure up to 6 MPa and external pressure up to 30 MPa to meet the pressure requirements of most heat exchangers.

8. High temperature resistance is up to 1700 C, which meets the temperature requirements of most heat exchangers.

9. It has a special wavefront design of heat transfer plate, forced turbulence of fluid and high heat transfer efficiency.

plate shell heat exchanger