Amobile Movable Container Heating Station

Amobile Movable Container Heating Station

AMOBILE mobile heat exchange station is a revolutionary innovation in the heat exchanger station construction. According to the different requirements of custom designs and the combination of lower construction costs and cycle work to achieve an unmanned heat supply. Integrated design of the heat exchange station includes all the necessary features, comes in standard with a thermal vacuum de-gassing. The system canreduce the operating costs of the system and reduce the risk of pipelinecorrosion, extend the service life and improve the operating efficiency of thesystem.


  • Intelligent unattended, remote monitoring and control.
  • Integral installation, easy to takeover use.
  • Short construction period, flexible and easy.
  • Easy to expand, modular design.


  • Maximum heat load: 6000KW
  • Maximum design temperature: 150℃ 
  • Maximum design pressure: 25bar
  • Sheet material: 304, 316, 316L, Ti


Accessen are a genuine original plate heat exchanger manufacturer with all components are produced in our own factory and complete end products. Maximum capacity: producting 30000 sets of heat exchanger and 5000 sets of heat exchanger packages per year.

Inquiry request?

Please contact Accessen export office. For the most accurate quotation, please prepare the following data:
Duty, Type of media, Pressure drop, Flow rate, Working pressure, Thermodynamic properties, Temperature, Working temperature.

Which certificates are available for the heat exchangers?

ASME, ISO, AHRI, BV, DNV etc... Case by case certificate was allowed.

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