Spiral Plate Heat Exchanger

Spiral Plate Heat Exchanger

31 May 2019

Introduction to spiral plate heat exchanger

Spiral plate heat exchanger is a new type of heat exchanger, which has good heat transfer efficiency, high operation stability and can work together with multiple units. Spiral plate heat exchanger is a kind of high efficiency heat exchanger equipment. It is suitable for steam-steam, steam-liquid and liquid-liquid heat transfer to liquid. Spiral heat exchangers provide ideal heat transfer and liquid treatment performance for various demanding industrial applications. They are ideal for viscous products and products with particles that may cause serious fouling or corrosion of other types of heat exchangers.

Anti-clogging principle of spiral plate heat exchanger Spiral plate heat exchanger is not easy to plug compared with general tubular heat exchanger, especially suspended particulate impurities such as sediment and small shells are not easy to deposit in the spiral channel. 1. Because it is the deposit of single channel impurities in the channel, once the circulation is formed, it will be increased to wash it out. 2. Because there is no dead angle in the spiral channel, impurities are easily washed out.

Characteristics of spiral plate heat exchanger

1. High heat transfer efficiency (good performance)

2. Effective Recovery of Low Temperature Heat Energy

3. Strong Operation Reliability 4. It can be used in combination.

Spiral plate heat exchanger