Cold Water Heat Exchanger

Cold Water Heat Exchanger

29 Mar 2019

A heat exchanger is consisting mainly of heat exchanger fins and internal pipes whose purpose is to transfer the heat generated by combustion of the gas into water quickly and efficiently. The cold water absorbs heat when flowing through the water pipe in the heat exchanger and becomes hot water for use by the user. The heat exchanger is the core component, once there's a problem of it, the whole water heater will be scrapped. According to the core mission and application environment of the heat exchanger, the material selection of the heat exchanger is very important.

The key points of heat exchanger

Its main function is to make high-temperature flue gas heat transfer as soon as possible; therefore, material of it is to require excellent thermal conductivity. Because the heat exchanger in cold-hot alternating environment, heat expands and shrinks, the material is required to have good thermal shock resistance and good ductility. Otherwise, it is easy to produce cracks in the environment of hot expansion and cold shrinkage for long time and even the situation of bursting will happen.

The heat exchanger needs to be in contact with flue gas and water, so the heat exchanger must be corrosion resistant.

So what kind of material should be chosen to meet the requirements of heat conductivity, ductility and corrosion resistance? Our company has chosen the "copper" material, affordable, most importantly, it is of heat conductivity, ductility, corrosion resistance, durability.