Compact Heat Exchanger

Compact Heat Exchanger

21 Jan 2019

The compact heat exchanger is a modification of a heat exchanger used in a heat pipe network or other heating place, that is, a modification of the existing heat exchanger tube structure, such kind of heat exchanger has a semi-circular peak in the side wall, with a point on the outer surface of the semi-circular peak.

Product Description

The compact heat exchanger is a new and efficient heat exchanger that has been adopted in the food, thermal power, chemical, metallurgical and other sectors. Among these heat exchangers are plate heat exchangers, spiral plate heat exchangers and plate fin heat exchangers. The biggest disadvantage of this type of heat exchanger is its poor pressure bearing capacity, which cannot be used for medium heat exchange with higher pressure.

The compact heat exchanger comprises a casing, an array tube in the casing, a steam inlet, a condensate outlet, a heated water inlet, and a heated water outlet, wherein the side wall of the tube has a semi-circular peak, whose outer surface of the crest has acupuncture points.

According to different process conditions and operating conditions, in recent years, a variety of compact heat exchangers with different structural forms have been developed and designed, which have been widely used in petroleum, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, and have achieved great economic benefits. Among them, plate type, fin type, spiral plate type, finned tube type, heat pipe heat exchanger is particularly prominent, and have a wide range in current and future engineering applications.

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With the development of science and technology and the rise of some emerging disciplines, new requirements have been placed on heat exchangers. Many new types of compact heat exchangers have emerged. These heat exchangers have the advantages of high efficiency, compactness and good reliability. In the middle and low-pressure range, there is a great potential to replace the shell and tube heat exchanger. Among them, plate heat exchangers and plate-fin heat exchangers are the two most promising heat exchangers, and their characteristics and engineering applications are now introduced.

(1) Plate Heat Exchanger

The plate heat exchanger is an efficient and compact heat exchange device. Because plate heat exchangers have some unique features in their manufacture and use. Therefore, plate heat exchangers have been widely used in petroleum, chemical, light industry, electric power, metallurgy, machinery, energy and other industrial fields, becoming a very competitive variety in the heat exchanger family. Accessen, as an expert plate type heat exchanger supplier, offers you the world's leading on-demand heat transfer solution, providing high-quality equipment with fast and efficient service.

(2) Plate-fin Heat Exchanger

The plate-fin heat exchanger was originally used in the aerospace industry and later introduced into the field of cryogenic engineering. It has been used in the field of refrigeration. For example, Dutch scholars have introduced plate-fin heat exchangers into ammonia refrigeration systems and entered their characteristics. Preliminary research proves the feasibility of using plate-fin heat exchangers in the field of refrigeration. The fins are the most important part of the plate-fin heat exchanger. The heat transfer process is mainly done by fins. The commonly used fins are flat fins, zigzag fins, corrugated fins, and porous fins, louver fins, nail fins and some others.