Free Flow Heat Exchanger

Free Flow Heat Exchanger

03 Jan 2020

Product description

Free flow heat exchanger

When your medium needs to be well treated, our flfa free flow sets a new standard for improving performance and reliability, and is not suitable for ordinary heat exchanger due to its high viscosity, dirt tendency or particle content.

What does this mean to you?

Due to frequent and irregular maintenance or cleaning, long-term production time and product loss are the adverse consequences of media difficult to handle.

Our free flow plate heat exchanger completely eliminates these problems, so that you can benefit from the maximum normal operation time, and use the appropriate solutions to deal with challenging application conditions. The free flow mode of contactless plate channel provides enough space for the medium to flow and maintain efficient heat transfer, so as to counteract the fouling and blockage.

Experience reliable, high-performance, appropriate media processing and long intervals between services. If your media contains solids, fibers, or other particles, you can further extend the service interval by periodically backwashing the system.

Easy to clean, suitable for normal operation time

CIP (on-site cleaning) is the first choice of media with pollution tendency. The effective design of our flfa free flow unit ensures low liquid holdup and greatly reduces the amount of chemicals required in CIP process, thus greatly reducing cleaning time. It is also environmentally friendly.

Features and benefits

Good media processing and even media distribution provide good product output quality.

High heat transfer efficiency and extended cleaning interval ensure the operation of the whole process, low downtime and great money value.

The large plate gap is designed to counteract the pollution of the large plate groove, and there is no stagnant area or dead angle of the medium.