Plate Frame Heat Exchanger Sizing

Plate Frame Heat Exchanger Sizing

11 Mar 2019

1. Equipment composition

The plate frame heat exchanger is composed of plate pair, side plate, column, cover plate, plug plate, partition plate, sealing gasket and other parts.A pair of plates is formed by welding between the two plates.The frame is formed by welding the column with the cover plate and the blocking plate.Sheet pairs and sheet pairs, sheet pairs and frames are welded to form sheet bundle components.In the hot side channel and the cold side channel of the plate bundle, a dividing plate is used for process setting.As a thermal element, the sheet determines the thermal performance of the heat exchanger.The side plate and cover plate mainly determine the bearing capacity of heat exchanger and the safety and reliability of operation.

2.Technical feature

2.1 High heat transfer coefficient and small pressure drop
The plate is used as the heat transfer element. The plate structure is herringbone corrugated, and the v-shaped corrugated plate channel is formed after the plate pair is formed.The heat transfer coefficient is equivalent to that of plate heat exchanger.Heat transfer efficiency is high.At the same time, there is no corner hole shunt in the plate heat exchanger, so the resistance loss is greatly reduced.

2.2 Strong adaptability in working conditions
Depending on the medium, the sheet material can be made of 3 0 4, 3 1 6 L, 3 0 4L, 3 1 7 L, 2 5 4SM0, T I, T an I um, N6, S AF2 2 0 5, 9 0 4L, etc.According to different process requirements, the flow combination can be set flexibly to achieve a reasonable match between heat transfer efficiency and resistance loss.It is suitable for steam condensation and liquid-liquid heat transfer and especially demands petrochemical, coking and other industries special medium heat transfer needs.

2.3 Strong resistance to temperature and pressure, suitable for special media
Compared with the removable plate heat exchanger, the welding structure is adopted to eliminate the influence of high temperature and special medium conditions on the sealing gasket and corrosion, which improves the use of temperature, pressure and the ability to adapt to the medium.

2.4 Convenient maintenance and cleaning
The side plate of the plate and frame heat exchanger is of detachable structure, and the plate is designed with unique structure, which is convenient for the maintenance and cleaning of the product.

3. Application effect of plate frame heat exchanger

Plate and frame heat exchanger combines the advantages of plate heat exchanger and spiral plate heat exchanger, with the advantage of high heat transfer efficiency, compact structure, high temperature resistance, good sealing performance, high safety and reliability.