Plate Type Heat Exchanger Maintenance

Plate Type Heat Exchanger Maintenance

17 Mar 2019

Plate type heat exchanger has the characteristics of small volume and light weight. It is easy to maintain.It does not need to set up maintenance lifting facilities, so the installation occupies less land.Manual maintenance of plate type heat exchanger includes folding the whole machine,clean the plate and gasket with a spray gun and brush, and check the plate and gasket.If necessary, replace the plates and gaskets.

In general, The plate type heat exchanger should be cleaned once a year, whether it is needed or not,which can maintain the heat transfer efficiency of the heat exchanger.When applied to the cooling water with poor water quality, such as river water and sea water, due to the presence of sediment and dirt, as well as the rapid growth of microorganisms,there is a risk of surface contamination and blockage.In foreign countries, when the river water is used as cooling water, cleaning frequency is very high, an average of 3. 3 times.So heat exchanger in the use of water should be as far as possible to choose a relatively clean water source, which can not only prevent the damage of heat exchanger, but also reduce unnecessary cleaning, to achieve the effect of cost savings.

In order to maintain the plate type heat exchanger in a good state, our company provides services such as "disassembly and cleaning", "improvement operation" and "local service"with years of accumulated technical experience.our company provides services such as "disassembly and cleaning", "improvement operation" and "local service",and other service menu to with years of accumulated technical experience,carrying out maintenance services.

Maintenance services is mainly aimed at "take back the factory inspection and repair" and "on-site cleaning and maintenance".The "check and repair of retrieval factory" we will retrieve and maintain the host machine of the customer's plate type heat exchanger and send it back to normal state. "On-site cleaning and maintenance" means that the company's professional engineers bring professional equipment to the user's site for operation.It takes a short time and the efficiency is high and won't will not delay customer production and operation.In addition, we also provide a variety of service menu, such as consulting, to help customers maintain a good state of the plate type heat exchanger.Customers can choose the type of service based on usage conditions and conditions, so the machine can be maintained in a variety of ways.