The Application of Heat Exchangers

The Application of Heat Exchangers

14 Jan 2019

Gasket plate heat exchangers have been widely used in metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, medicine, food, chemical fiber, paper making, textile, shipping, heating and other departments. Here are some introduce to each application:

1.Chemical industry

It can be used to produce titanium oxide, alcohol fermentation, ammonia synthesis, resin synthesis, rubber production, cooling phosphoric acid, cooling formaldehyde water, alkali carbon industry, electrolysis alkali production.

2.Steel industry

It can be used for cooling quenching oil, cooling plating solution, cooling reducer lubricant, cooling rolling mill, drawing machine coolant.

3.Metallurgical Industry

It can be used for heating and cooling of aluminate mother liquor, cooling of sodium aluminate and cooling of lubricating oil of Aluminium mill.

4.Machinery Manufacturing Industry

It can be used for cooling various quenching fluids, cooling press, industrial lubricating oil and heating engine oil.

5.Food industry

Salt making, dairy products, soy sauce, sterilization and cooling of vinegar, heating and cooling of animal and vegetable oils, heating and cooling of malt juice, sugar making, gelatin concentration, sterilization and cooling, and sodium glutamate production.

6.Textile industry

Heat recovery of waste liquor, cooling of boiling phosphating fibers, cooling of viscose, acetic acid and acetic anhydride, cooling of alkali aqueous solution, heating and cooling of viscose filament.

7.Paper industry

Cooling black water, heating and cooling of alkali liquor, heat recovery of cellophane waste liquor, heating of cooking acid, cooling of sodium hydroxide aqueous solution, recovery of bleached sheet paper waste liquor, condensation of exhaust gas, preheating and concentration of pulp-like waste liquor.

8.Central heating

Heating in waste heat area of thermal power plant, heating domestic water and heating in boiler area

9.Oil industry

Heating and cooling synthetic detergent, heating whale oil, cooling vegetable oil, cooling sodium hydroxide, cooling glycerin and emulsified oil.

10.Power industry

It is used for cooling of generator shaft pump and transformer oil.


It is used in diesel engines, central coolers, jacket water coolers, piston coolers, lubricating oil coolers, preheaters, and seawater desalination systems (including multi-stage and single-stage).

12.Marine aquaculture seedling industry

Matching boilers are used to raise seedlings in seawater, so as to save energy, protect environment and improve efficiency.


Pharmaceutical, petroleum, pottery, glass, cement, geothermal utilization, etc.