What Does a Plate Heat Exchanger Do - I

What Does a Plate Heat Exchanger Do - I

21 Mar 2019

A plate heat exchange is made in this way---sheet metal (usually steel or stainless steel) is pressed into a single sheet with a regular shape corrugated groove, and then the single sheet is assembled into the required group of multiple sheets. At the edge of each two adjacent plates, butadiene rubber and other materials are used as sealing gaskets to form the channel of the medium flow groove.

The introduction of our company's expert: The plate is provided with a fluid inlet and outlet, so that the two media flow in their own groove Although the medium flows in at a low speed, turbulence will also form in the trench, which improves the heat exchange rate. At the same time, the number of grooves increases the heat exchange area.channel and heat exchange.Due to the complex corrugated shape of the channel.It is a kind of rapid and efficient heat exchange equipment.

Plate heat exchanger has a lot of advantages--high heat transfer efficiency, small floor area, small heat loss, simple structure, easy to handle and install, easy to disassemble and install, flexible with heat adjustment, the plate can be cleaned or replaced regularly, the plate can be increased with the increase of heat without replacing any equipment (if the capacity of the volumetric heat exchanger cannot meet the demand, the equipment must be replaced or added) The plate heat exchanger is mostly used in heating or central air conditioning system. If it is used in domestic hot water system, hot water storage tank and other equipment should be set up.

Plate heat exchanger is a kind of heat exchanger. And heat exchanger is also divided into many categories.This plate is most widely used.The plate and liquid contact surface is larger, so efficiency is very high when it is used to heat the fluid.