Accessen Obtained the Double A Certification of the United States (ASME and AHRI)

Accessen Obtained the Double A Certification of the United States (ASME and AHRI)

31 Dec 2018

Accessen's plate heat exchanger products have obtained the certification certificate issued by AHRI, officially becoming one of its recognized equipment manufacturers, and also exploring the development path of Accessen's north American market. AHRI certified test medium, including water/sea water, is suitable for the application of most HVAC and refrigeration industry heat exchanger products.

Accessen's factory in Shanghai has obtained the factory certification issued by ASME, and it is one of the few manufacturers that can provide "U" steel seal in the field of plate heat exchanger production. It is also one of only more than 100 enterprises that have passed ASME certification in China. ASME, as one of the authoritative certification agencies in the world, provides third-party product supervision and inspection for Accessen products, and is a professional ASME AI (ASME authorized inspector). In combination with SGS (internationally recognized inspection, verification, testing and certification agency, which is the globally recognized quality and integrity benchmark), ASME's U steel seal is given after ensuring that the product and quality control meet the standards. High quality products recognized by authoritative institutions have been widely used in the fields of electric power, nuclear power, petroleum, chemical industry, medicine and other industrial applications.

Whether it is from improving customers' trust in product quality, enhancing the credibility of industry performance level, encouraging innovation and improving efficiency, or accelerating the speed of new technologies entering the market, and consolidating the foundation of cooperation between enterprises and governments, product certification is essential. This time, the factory and products of Accessen have obtained double "A" certification (ASME and AHRI), which fully reflects that Accessen's quality and technology have reached the international standard.

Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) is one of the internationally recognized certification bodies. AHRI certification is an air conditioning product energy efficiency certification system established by AHRI in North America. Because of the accuracy and fairness of its assessment results, AHRI certification has been valued by more and more national government departments. According to the standard specification of this kind of air conditioning, the result is not lower than the product nameplate labeling and all the performance data on the declared data, so as to pass the certification.

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) is an authoritative and influential international academic organization. It is a comprehensive, complete, mature, safe, reliable and internationally recognized standard. It has 127,000 members, manages the world's largest technology publishing agency, presides over 30 technical conferences, 200 professional development courses, and sets many industrial and manufacturing standards.